Tofu Xpress

The main reason for me buying for my mom buying me the Tofu Xpress was because I managed to destroy my $700 dollar smartphone using a hideously disastrous DIY tofu press setup (see pic below). It was not my finest moment and one that my wife will never let me forget! In hindsight it was pretty daft using a 30lb kettle bell to press my tofu, but thankfully now we have the Tofu Xpress. And to think I was super proud of my setup when I took that snap!! anyway…

recipe for disaster!!

The Tofu Xpress is very simple and that’s whats makes it so great. You simply pop your store bought tofu in the press and leave it for 30 mins. You then just pour all the water away and remove the tofu. You can use the Tofu Xpress for more than just tofu, we actually use it to press our cooked spinach, it does a great job of removing all the water. You can also use it to marinade your tofu. It has a stand that actually doubles as a lid, fantastic. This really was money well spent, my smartphone and Erin can now sleep safe at night!